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 Customer Testimony

Letter from one of our leading customer

Letter from BAE Systems - Over the past four years, we have chosen Capital Electro-Circuits to fabricate critical parts for a number of key programs. From the moment we first began working with CEC, we have been treated with the utmost respect and given prompt attention, and the product we've received has been top-quality. Many of our parts have been "specialty" jobs, outside of the standard PCB fabrication line, and sometimes without a defined method of manufacture or production - however, CEC has always been ready to sit down with us, discuss our needs, and come up with a manufacturing process that yields us working, high-quality parts every time, at a competitive price.
Bharat, and Trudy are a joy to work with, and always responsive to our needs. Anytime we've had to make changes, or had an emergency and needed additional parts made on short notice, CEC has been able to respond quickly and efficiently and yet still deliver the quality to which we have become accustomed. I look forward to continuing our relationship with CEC, and would recommend them quite strongly to those looking for PCB fabrication, circuit boards, and specialty parts.

 Capital Quality Update

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 Certification, Capital Electro-Circuits continues its improvements towards validating its Quality Policy and meeting customer expectation

Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. is proud to announce its recent certification to international quality standard ISO 9001:2015 by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.for manufacturing Printed Circuits Boards (PCBs).

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. An ISO 9001:2015 Certificate verifies an enterprise's adherence to the highest quality management practices. In becoming certified, our company satisfied the strict standard requirements with respect to the management system governing the manufacture of custom printed circuit boards and their assembly for our customers.

This certification further strengthens our commitment to our customers. We will adhere to our company quality policy to “continuously improve our products and services that will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations”. Our customer feedback is invaluable to us. Please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions on how we can better improve our services to you.

Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. has been manufacturing PCBs for over 25 years in our Maryland facility, in the heart of Washington DC/Northern Virginia industrial hub. We produce boards for telecommunication, industrial, military, and medical applications. Our specialties include RF and microwave boards, as well as ultra-high voltage applications. We are known for accepting unusual manufacturing development projects. Please bookmark our website for all of the PCB needs.

View ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Capital Electro-Circuits News release announcement

View present press release on I-Connect007 and its family of online publications for PCB industry.

Capital Electro-Circuits continues its investment ... to improve our ability to meet our customer's requirements.

We would like to bring our valued customers up to date on some of our improvements we have made in the past several months.

Microcraft / Lavenir Mp220 Fixtureless, Four Head Flying Probe Electrical Test Machine

High speed electrical testing without a fixture. Test voltages up to 250 volts, double sided surface mount pads, and a minimum SMD pitch of 0.010 in.

Using this latest advancement in bare board electrical testing technology, we can offer you a fast and economical option for netlist testing your complex prototype boards.

Everett Charles, Kryterion 500 Electrical Test Machine Upgraded for Netlist Testing

With this upgrade we can download a PCB's netlist and test the board against the netlist as a opposed to a golden board. Netlist testing conveys a higher degree of confidence compared to golden board testing while providing an economical method of testing high quanities of boards.

Lavenir Verify / Repair Station

Using the PCB netlist, Gerber files, and test results, this program highlights failed test points, and the location of probable opens/shorts on a computer screen for quick and easy debugging and repair.

Lavenir CAM Station

One of the most powerful CAM stations available in the industry. Capabilities include netlist extraction (including blind and buried vias), netlist comparison, wide selection of input/output formats, advanced Design Rule Checking, and more.

Gerbtool Ver. 5.2 CAM Stations Upgraded to Version 8.1

Many new features have been added to this latest version providing more accurate and efficient CAM operation.

Christopher Vacuum Seal Packaging System

Used by our shipping department, this system seals printed circuit boards in a vacuum environment surrounded by bubble wrap for the ultimate protection during shipping and storage. Since the PCB is vacuum packaged, the solderability protection is enhanced and the shelf life is prolonged considerably.

Avalon Industries AVTEC 2000 Hot Air Leveling System

Vertical Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL), this machine is specifically designed to yield a uniform solder coating on PCBs with SMD on one or both sides.

COMAC Engineering Design PCB Clean / Dry Machine

Dedicated to the final cleaning, removes any chemical residue from PCBs prior to final inspection and packaging.

Mojave 24 Dryer

Used prior to Liquid Photoimageable, (LPI) solder mask application, this newly developed high speed dryer prevents copper oxidation by removing moisture.

Significantly Increased RF Circuit Board Capabilities

We offer a wide selection of materials that can be stocked and processed at our facility, icluding: Taconic, Rogers RO3000, RO4000, Teflon, Ceramic and more. We also have the capability to perform specialty processes such as; edge plating (complete and selective), immersion gold, immersion tin, mixed dielectric multilayer, plasma cleaning, controlled dieclectric thickness, and more.

Total Turnkey Production

Including: PCB Design/Layout, PCB Fabrication, Assembly, Wire Harness, Box Assembly, and Parts Procurements.

6000 sq. ft. of Fully Air Conditioned Space Added

This additional space was added to accommodate our expanded testing capabilities, pre-engineering, Inspection, Business Offices / Conference Room facilities, and to provide additional space for manufacturing as needed.

We recognize that to meet our customer's diversified and ever-changing requirements we have to reinvest a portion of our sales in better capabilities and improved facilities. We look forward to developing a stronger partnership with our customers by continuing to develop the capabilities to meet or exceed their needs.

For further information or to see any / all of our updates first hand, please contact Trudy, Ted or Bharat.

 SMTA Learning Institute

Capital Electro-Circuits will be exhibiting their line of Printed Circuit Boards at the SMTA Learning Institute being held at the Turf Valley Convention Center, Ellicott City, Maryland on Tuesday April 29 1997. The SMTA learning institute provides a look at the latest developments in Ball Grid Array, Chip Scale Packaging and various new technologies for high density Printed Circuit Boards for use in PCMCIA, MCM-L and other new electronic products. We look forward to seeing you.

 Top Of Circuit Depth Control and Scoring Capability:

Capital Electro-Circuits announced the new capability of Top Of Circuit Depth Control (TOCDC) and scoring. The TOCDC allows precise depth control (+/- 0.001 inch) across the panel. The key advantage of this system is that the depth control is maintained relative to the surface of the board unlike convention fixed z-axis depth control which does not compensate for variation in surface flatness. What it means to our customer is that now we can provide precise depth for blind vias, counter bore/sync and beveling. Further, now we have in-house capability for scoring. Many customers prefer scoring over individual routing for efficient assembly, where the entire panel is assembled at the same time.

 Carbon filled polymer for Keypads and Contacts

Capital Electro-Circuits announced the capability to offer the option of selective carbon ink printing on the circuit board for keypads and other contacts. The carbon ink provides outstanding reliability and wear resistance for PCB keypads and it offers a cost effective option for gold plated edge contacts as well.

 Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. announces an  installation of a Solder Leveler specifically designed for SMT boards.

Gaithersburg, MD - Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. announced an installation of a Hot Air Solder Leveler (HASL) specifically designed for SMT boards from Avalon Technology. "With growing demand for fine pitch surface mount boards, the thin uniform solder coating on SMT pads is extremely important for high yield during the assembly operation. With this uniquely designed machine we are now consistently getting the desired uniform coating thickness" said Gary Gindlesperger, "We are tailoring our company to meet the special needs of the surface mount boards industry. We also recently installed a new copper plating line, which is also specifically designed for uniform plating across the panels. The combination, even copper plating and even solder coating, means superior SMT board finish," further stated Gary Gindlesperger.

CEC has been in business since 1985 and has customer base of over 600 customers nationally and internationally.

For more information please contact: Trudy Renner, Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. 7845-I Airpark Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20879, Ph:(301) 977-0303,
email:, Website:

 At the Chesapeake Electronics Show

Capital Electro Circuits, Inc. had exhibited several times at The Chesapeake Electronics Show for an Electronics Manufacturing Technology Conference for electronics, electrical and electro-mechanical systems and sub-systems manufacture. 

 Quarterly Newsletter
Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc. releases its quarterly newsletter. To request a free copy, send email to

 Equipment Update

Through our commitment to quality and service, we are proud to submit this update. It is part of our continuous improvements of process control and the addition of leading edge technology to better support our customer's needs.

Plated Thru Hole (PTH) thickness guage.

• Verify plating thickness during process.
• Assure PTH plating meets minimum requirements.

 Gerbtool Network Version 6.1

CAM Station used in pre-engineering.

• Auto Gerber/Aperture list detection and loading.
• Simplified and faster editing of aperture lists.
• Improved DRC (Design Rule Check) error viewing and reporting.
• Supports virtually all popular photoplotting data formats.
• Automatic aperture converter (compatible with leading CAD packages)

 PinLam EF/A Registration System
Adjustable artwork registration system.

• Operator-adjustable for very precise accuracy.
• Promotes high productivity (allowing fast setup and high throughput).
• Does not require precise artwork punching.

 PinLam PE-9500 Punching System
Post-etch punch for innerlayers.

• Precise accuracy through fixed jig-ground punch (target positions).
• Optical measurement capability for SPC data.
• Speedy optical alignment and precise punching.
• Video and computer aided.

 E50 Shadow System(PTH)
A "State of the Art" system used as an alternative to electroless plating.

• Automated conveyorized horizontal line.
• More efficient plating coverage in small holes.
• Capable of processing 60 panels per hour.
• Maximum panel size....................30" width.
• Minimum thickness......................0.005 inches.
• Maximum thickness.....................0.187 inches.
• Environmentally safe.

 Pluritec Multi-Station Drilling Machine
A fully automated laser guided drilling system.

• Maximum panel size.............................22"x26"
• Smallest Hole........................................0.010 inches
• Drilling accuracy...................................+/-0.0007 inches
• Positioning accuracy.............................+/-0.00011 inches
• Repeatability accuracy.........................+/-0.00008 inches
• Laser controlled blind vias(depth control).
• Broken drill, run-out and drill diameter detection via laser.
• Automatic load and unload.

 Douthitt PCB Exposing System / Taurus 5 KW

A self contained exposure unit for primary image resists, soldermasks and liquid photoimageables.

• Designed for fast exposure and high production applications.
• Double & Single-sided exposure of materials up to 25" x 30".
• Computer controlled air conditioning for stabilized temperature.
• Capable of exposing 0.004 inch lines.

 Fire 9000 Laser Photoplotter
Photoplotter for CAD/CAM files.

• Maximum film size................................24"x36"
• Maximum file size.................................15 Meg
• Resolution..............................................0.00025 inches
• Smallest line...........................................1 Mil (Not etchable)

 TEKNEK Clean Machine

Static cleaning machine for PCB manufacturing.

• Permanently removes dust, lint, hairs, glass fibers, copper and polyester particles(even particles less than 2 microns).

• For use with artworks, negatives, PCB panels/laminates, inner layers/flexibles, glass membranes.

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